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Intuitive Software

Features for operators

Memorable Experiences

Free-roam content

Empower your business

Useful tools

A set of features designed by operators, for operators

Hardware Monitoring

Get information on your hardware at a quick glance

User-Friendly Interface

Adjust options and launch games quickly and easily

Variable Game Duration

Adapt the game duration based on your own operation model

Automated Updates

Get notified as soon as new software is available

Power Management

Shutdown* or restart your entire fleet right from your computer

Voice Chat

Enhance cooperation with in-game voice communication

*Feature not supported on Quest headsets

Largest free-roam library for standalone VR headsets

True Adventures

All our experiences are designed exclusively for free-roam and take real advantage of the space available. We push players to move around and explore the environment in order to immerse them in the games. VEX Play mixes shooting phases with puzzles, exploration, or mini-games in order to provide a complete experience in VR.

Modern Gameplay

We strive to provide fun games with depth that are easy to understand. Death Squad, our zombie wave shooter, makes you survive wave after wave of enemies. But, on top of that, we force players to explore and reward them with new weapons. Their choices will dictate what they upgrade or where they’ll explore next thanks to clever gameplay mechanics.

Up To 10 Players

VEX Play accommodates up to 10 players at the same time sharing the same play area. Starting at 4x4m and going up to 10x10m, our modular games are tailored-made for each size and will adapt to your needs.

Diversified Content

From zombie shooters to competitive experiences, VEX Play offers memorable experiences for everyone. Don’t forget our cooking game, mini-game compilation, and even exploration-focused adventures designed for the whole family.

Escape Games In Free-Roam

With VEX Play’s free-roam escape games, your clients will need to cooperate, explore and solve puzzles in order to advance. Some experiences also involve shooting to vary the pleasure and keep the players engaged.

Haptic Vest

Feel the bite of a zombie on your chest or a blaster shot on your back. VEX Play supports bHaptics vests on every game to increase immersion and enhance the customer experience through haptic feedback.

Optimize your time

VEX Play provides tools to maximize efficiency.

Analytics Suite

Keep track of important stats to make informed decisions on your marketing spend and staff scheduling

Support Resources

Video tutorials and written guides to streamline daily operations and easily troubleshoot potential issues

Marketing Content

Videos, screenshots, logos and much more to help you promote your new experiences

User Management

Manage permissions and give specific access to your employees in order to keep your information secure

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Frequently asked questions

Is it really free to start?

Yes, if you click here you can request your free trial. You’ll simply need to download VEX Play, install it with our provided guides, and then start generating revenue. During your trial, you’ll have access to all the games and features with no restrictions. Once your trial has ended, you can either add credits and continue with VEX or stop completely, with no strings attached. (But we will miss you 😉)

What differentiates VEX Play's experiences ?

VEX Play pushes the experience further with clever gameplay mechanics. We seek to improve the moment-to-moment gameplay for customers and, in turn, make them come back with replayable experiences.

Why should you waste a 6x6m area to only add virtual walls or worse make it empty without any incentive to use the free-roam capabilities? We want players to forget their surroundings and immerse them in our experiences. Whether it’s by finding hidden passageways, crawling in a vent, or sharing an elevator ride with friends. We force players to explore, move and live true adventures.

Can I set the duration of the games ?

YES, but it will depend on the experience chosen. The VEX Play catalog can be separated into two different categories :

  • The arcade experiences are highly modular. This means you can change the duration and/or size of the playable area as you wish depending on your needs. But, having a bigger area doesn’t mean having a big empty space. We design all our games to take advantage of the entire space, forcing players to move and explore new areas. Those experiences accommodate from 1 to 10 players depending on the size.
  • The adventure experiences are designed for a specific size, 5x5m. Those are real adventures where you’ll need to solve some puzzles, explore, and sometimes even defend yourselves in order to progress the story! You can choose between the 10-minute or 25-min experiences. On top of setting your own difficulty, the games will also adapt based on the players’ performance, giving them hints or sending more enemies when needed. Those experiences accommodate up to 6 players.

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