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Free-roam VR made easy

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Transform an empty space into a new-generation VR arena

  • Social & Popular Activity
  • Memorable Experiences
  • Low Upfront Cost
  • Highly Replayable
  • User-Friendly Software Suite

Get started quickly

With the help of our LBE-focused software suite, you'll be ready to welcome customers quickly and easily. Here's the minimum needed to launch your free-roaming VR playground today:

Standalone VR Headset

Supporting Vive Focus 3 and Meta Quest 1,2 & 3

Gaming PC or Laptop

Host multiplayer games and show spectator view

Wifi Router

Connect up to 10 players together wirelessly

Play Area

From 4x4m up to 10x10m free-roaming arena

What is
VEX Play ?

All-in-one VR Headsets

No need to invest in expensive computers for each player. VEX Play takes advantage of standalone VR headsets to run premium experiences at an affordable cost.

Largest free-roam library

From classic shooters to head-scratching escape rooms and family-friendly adventures. The diversified VEX Play catalog creates memories for everyone.

Up to 10 simultaneous players

Up to 10 players can play wirelessly together at the same time in different area sizes :

  • 4x4m for 4 players
  • 5x5m or 6x6m for 6 players
  • 8x8m for 8 players
  • 10x10m for 10 players

Fully-featured software suite

LBE-focused software suite developed by day-to-day operators and LBVR veterans.

What’s included ? Hardware monitoring, automated updates, synchronized play space, spectator view, haptic vest support, and other features to be announced. You also get access to an online management portal with analytics, marketing material, support guides, and more.

True out-of-home experience

VEX Play’s free-roaming experiences let players share the same play area and interact with each other. Our solution supports haptic vests, allowing you to level up the immersion and provide an experience truly unachievable at home.

VEX Play's features

Take a peek at your future best-sellers

Whether your customers are adventurers, zombie-shooting pros, or even escape room aficionados they’ll find memorable experiences in your LBE-exclusive library of free-roaming games. Take a look at our competitive and cooperative experiences below!

Mission Z II

Explore an old mine and take the fight to Lord Grave

Kraken Island Series

Face waves of skeletons desperate to take possession of you

Mission Z

Explore an old manor and learn more about Lord Grave

Kitchen Panic Series

Cook Together And Work As A Team

Lunarscape Series

Solve Puzzles, Explore a lunar base & unlock its mysteries

Party Playland Series

A colorful party game perfect for kids

Kraken Island, will you escape the grasp of Captain Fankhi, the cursed pirate.

Kraken Island : Captain’s Curse

Explore the island in search of the captain's buried treasure

Cyberclash Tournament, fight and become the champion

Cyberclash Tournament

Enter the arena and engage in thrilling battles

Dark Z

Survive in the dark, if you dare...

Temple Quest Series

Become a true explorer, avoid traps and find an old treasure

Rush Z

Wait for the extraction team and survive !

Death Squad Series

Explore a free-roam environment and survive against waves of zombies.

Cyberclash Series

Everyone for themselves in this competitive shooting game

Escape a prison in VR

B-BLOCK Breakout

Your only goal is freedom !

Only pay for what you play

Our pay-per-minute model starts at 0,10€/minute/player*

*discounted credit packages drive the price down to around 0,08€/minute

The cherry on top? VEX doesn’t charge you for time spent in our awesome lobby, in avatar selection, in safety instruction, or tutorials. You only pay for what you play !

Together We Create Memories

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Transform an empty area into a fully functional free-roam VR arena.
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Looking for the lowest upfront cost and an affordable solution where you are handling the hardware? We offer our software under a pay-per-minute model. Available for every location looking at transforming an empty area into a next-level entertainment activity.

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Looking for a next-gen plug-and-play solution where we take care of everything? Shipping, installation, training of your staff, and after-sales services are all part of our turnkey package. Enhanced with 4D effects, our hyper VR attractions also include automation, an entire customer experience, and a helpful suite of tools.

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