1-6 Players

15 – 30 Minutes

5m x 5m

Show off your adventurous side and let yourself be transported into the universe of TEMPLE QUEST! Travel in magnificent settings and challenge your friends by collecting the most diamonds.

During your quest, you will encounter many trials. You will be faced with dilemmas in a permanent state of danger!

Feel the molten lava and the power of the wind! Admire the beautiful vistas but don’t let your fear of heights take you into the distant void! Will you come back richer and in one piece at the end of this breathtaking adventure?

Temple Quest – 30min

During your quest, you will encounter many trials. Will you escape the temple’s maze? Are you fast enough to avoid the traps set out by this ancient civilization?

At the end of this breathtaking adventure, will you come back richer, your hands full of gems? Find out for yourself in TEMPLE QUEST!

Temple Party – 15min

Gather your party and have fun in a series of minigames for the whole family that will test your dexterity and skill.

Defend the lava temple with your friends and aim for the monoliths to get diamonds ! Feel the effects of hyper VR in TEMPLE PARTY!

Feel the heat of molten lava, the wind, the shaking ground, and all of the VEX Adventure special effects. Gather the most diamonds to win the minigames!