1-10 Players


Max. 10x10m

DEATH SQUAD is a zombie wave shooter like you’ve never experienced before. Survive with your friends, upgrade your weapons, and explore new environments!


Are you ready to face a zombie apocalypse head on ? The General Speakman needs you ASAP! Answer his call and protect the designated area until the arrival of the extraction team.

Earn money by killing zombies. Use it to unlock brand-new areas with better weapons and supplies. You’re feeling lucky? Roll the dice at the magic box and maybe you’ll receive the best weapon available!


This is it ! You’ve been tasked to protect an area but nobody is coming to save you. Stay alive and survive as long as you can!

In Survival, make sure your whole squad doesn’t die or it’s GAME OVER ! Unlock new areas and buy better gear if you want to have a chance against the unrelenting hordes of zombies…


Strange… the place seems too quiet, maybe… OH NO a hazmat! Everyone steps back and aims for the head, let’s try to survive!

Sandbox mode lets you take advantage of all open weapons and doors right from the start of the game. For less-experienced players or those looking for a less intense experience