Party Game

1-10 Players


Max. 10x10m

In this family-friendly party game experience, you are transported to a colorful world where you and your friends will compete to become the latest and greatest Party Champion. Discover a freeroam VR playground like never before !

Each mini-game offers a unique challenge and adventure. Whether you’re casting your fishing rod to snag chickens, squashing invading crabs, avoiding traps, and more. Every round promises thrills and laughter. Party Playland guarantees an unforgettable party experience filled with endless fun and excitement!


Take part in colorful mini-games from the world of party playland! This party game is perfect for children’s groups, birthday parties and people who want to compete in a fun way.

In arcade mode, players compete in a mini-game of their choice, selected in advance. Perfect for those who want to practice a specific mini-game!


The fiesta mode offers a randomized gaming experience, with players not knowing the challenges they’ll face in advance, but discovering them as they go along!

Fiesta Sandbox

This game mode allows players to choose their mini-game directly in the session, with a dedicated selection lobby. Rather practical for long sessions where players can choose their own course.