2-10 Players


Max. 10 x 10m

Grab your blasters, shoot your opponents and climb the ranks in this competitive shooter.

Explore massive environements covering different themes. Discover a space station, an ancient temple or a pirate bay.

Use the environment to your advantage, find power-ups and new weapons. Compete against other players in multiple games and become the Champion of the Arena.


Battle against your opponents, rise through the ranks, and become the champion of the arena.

In this game, it’s everyone for themselves, explore the map and always have an eye on your back if you want to stay at the top of the leaderboard.


Ditch your blasters to equip your bow and arrows ! Look around, find your target and aim to assert your dominance on the arena.

This tactical game mode will put your aim and skills to the test. You better be quick if you want to become the champion of the arena.

King of The Hill

Choose your skin, form a team, and capture objectives around the map. The longer you hold an objective the more points you’ll accumulate.

Choose between bows or blasters and be the better team at the end of the allotted time. Communication and aiming skills will be your two biggest allies if you want to immerge victorious!

Battle Royale

The storm is closing in on you. Stay inside the eye of the storm if you want to stay alive ! Be careful because in this game mode it’s everyone for themselves. May the best win!

Be the last one standing to win rounds. If you die, fight your way through the ghost realm to save your honor !


In this game mode, you choose everything. After each round, switch from one game mode to another during longer sessions. You decide your playstyle, you decide the maps played.

What will you choose? King of the Hill in the Pirate Bay ? Team Deathmatch in the Space Arena?